Aims of the Association

Aims of the Association

Our aims are to conserve precious cultural properties and tradition representing Japan by using both digital technology and technique of traditional craftsmanship in Kyoto, and to carry out cultural exchange as to support development and improvement of cultural activities and tradition in Kyoto.

Message from the Director

There are a number of precious cultural properties in Kyoto, which have been preserved by our ancestors for a long time. It is our important duty to preserve and pass those properties to future generations.
Kyoto Cultural Association will save those precious cultural properties and culture as digital archives, by using latest technology, as to pass them for future generations. In addition, we will introduce Kyoto’s appealing tradition to school children for educational purpose and also to all over the world.
Kyoto has conserved its old custom and culture, as well as developed them by taking initiative. It is inevitable for us to facilitate cultural development as to make Kyoto as a center of Japanese culture and arts. It is our pleasure that our activities help improvement of cultural development in Kyoto.
We sincerely ask your understanding and support on our projects.

Koji Tanabe

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