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Cultural Property Sommelier wanted!
Cultural Property Sommelier wanted!

Closed the books.


Kyoto National Museum and Kyoto Culture Association launched the “Learning support program for elementary and junior high school students: using high-resolution facsimiles of cultural properties as leaning materials” to offer children opportunities to be more familiar with Japanese cultural properties and to raise their interests on those assets.
Now we are seeking 10 new students who learn art history at university and graduate schools and who satisfy requirement for Cultural Property Sommelier.


We seek university or graduate students who are able to participate in the project from next spring. The schooling will start in May 2015, and teaching at elementary and junior high schools will start in June 2015. There will be some gratuity for activities.

<Application requirements>

  • The requirements for the application are as follows:
  • ・Students of university or graduate schools in Kyoto, who also will be enrolled next year
  • ・Who has or had taken Japanese Modern Art History class
  • ・Whose university or graduate schools must be campus members of Kyoto National Museum
  • ・Who will be able to participate schoolings once a month (Wednesday)

<Number of the sommelier>

About 10people

<Application period>

Starting from March 2015 Deadline April 20, 2015

Closed the books.


  • Two-hour session for twice a month (Wednesday)
  • Place: Kyoto National Museum (except the second schooling)
  • Teacher: an associate fellow of Kyoto National Museum
  • Content: lecture about cultural properties; teaching methods etc.


Please contact Ohkubo, Kenshi at mail


Kyoto National Museum, NPO Kyoto Culture Association

Supported by: Kyoto City Board of Education

Cultural Property Sommelier wanted!

・Shoko Kanazawa’s first solo exhibition in the United States

・Shoko is going to give a speech at the United Nations the day before the exhibition!

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